Anatomy of Time
a film by Jakrawal Nilthamrong


Regional Thai town, 1960s. Tension from the Cold War is distantly rising as the country is ruled by a succession of field marshals. Mam is a young woman who is learning about life from her father, a philosophical clocksmith. She develops a relationship with two men: an ambitious calculating army lieutenant and an old friend whom she shares a difficult history with. Following a military power shift, the lieutenant asks her to move away with him as his career is taking off.

Bangkok, present day. The once-dashing lieutenant now ends up a disgraced army general lying in a coma. Mam in her old age has been living with her abusive and deeply-troubled husband through hard times filled with losses, disappointments and betrayals. With her life now also approaching its end, she looks back at past regrets and sets to sacrifice herself and take care of him until their last days.

Hubert Bals Fund, Script and Project Development Support

Paris Coproduction Village

Script Development Support, Ministry of Culture Thailand

Aide aux cinémas du monde

NFF+HBF Co-Production Support

Purin Pictures

World Cinema Fund Europe

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Région

Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant, Singapore

In Production, 2020

Coming Soon

Writer/ Director
Jakrawal Nilthamrong

Mai Meksawan
Chatchai Chaiyon
Yohann Cornu
Anouk Sluizer
Panuksmi Hardjowirogo


Diversion / Mit Out Sound Films
Damned Films (France)
Sluizer Film Productions (The Netherlands)
M'GO Films (Singapore)


Mai Meksawan

Visual Concept:

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